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Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale di Grimoaldo Macchia

Part of its generation can be regarded as a versatile musician: composer, pianist, organist, arranger and conductor, ranging from early music to classical and contemporary, also passing through the cross of pop, rock and jazz. He has participated in important musical events and concerts held in major Italian and foreign locations. He has made several CDs both as a performer, composer and arranger. Author of instrumental music and the scene, he has composed for different instrumental ensembles, orchestra, organ, every organ chorale. He has received awards for his performances and compositions also by President Ciampi and Pope Benedict XVI, playing and dedicating it to a Toccata and Fugue in his honor. He is currently Professor of Music at the International Institute, Junior and collaborated with the Conservatory "L. Refice of Frosinone.

 "Music is the shorthand of emotion. Emotions are left with words to describe these difficulties are directly transmitted into the music, and therein lies its power and its meaning." L. TOLSTOJ